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Monkey Tricks (book & cd)

Monkey Tricks (book & cd)
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Monkey Tricks by Rachel Elliot with Illustrations by Karen Sapp is a fun book. It has a lovely story that children will enjoy, with eye-catching colorful drawings, and with a lesson that parents want kids to learn. It is about Little Monkey who is very playful and likes to play tricks on his friends. Little Monkey, for example, called out “Help, help.” Snake rushed to help him, but he jumped out from behind a tree and shouted “Boo!” Snake hissed, “Little Monkey, you’re a pest!” and was angry. He played the same “joke,” with the same result, on Little Lion and on others. The animals decided not to play with him any longer.

But then, Little Monkey really got into trouble. He got stuck in the mud. He called out for help, but no one came. They were sure it was another of his “jokes.”

Children will want to find out what happens next, and they will learn not to act like Little Monkey.

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